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Solar panels convert the suns light into energy to provide electricity for residential or commercial buildings. Solar panels are manufactured from a combination of many smaller solar cells. The solar cells are spread out over a wide area to catch the suns light. It then sends the current back to the inverter which converts the light to usable energy.



Solar Panels For Sale West Coast

Newer Technology panels are built to last between 20 and 25 years.

Although it is costly to implement, solar power offers a clean, renewable source of energy in South Africa.

Solar energy, coming from the sun is thought of as an inexhaustible source of fuel. Additionally, its pollution free and often noise free as well.

The sun has been creating energy for billions of years. It must be harnessed with the installation of solar panels.

  • 300w Canadian Solar (PV) Panels
  • 305w Canadian Solar (PV) Panel
  • 330w Canadian Solar (PV) Panels
  • 350w Canadian Solar (PV) Panel
  • 360w Canadian Solar (PV) Panels
  • 365w Canadian Solar (PV) Panel
  • 395w Canadian Solar (PV) Panels
  • 400w Canadian Solar (PV) Panel
  • 405w Canadian Solar (PV) Panels
  • 410w Canadian Solar (PV) Panel

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How Do Solar Panels Work?

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Our solar panel installers cover a wide area across the West Coast of Cape Town. Let us help you build a solar panel system that suits your needs and your budget. We build affordable, cost-effective residential and commercial systems.


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