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Hybrid solar systems have their own special inverters which run with batteries. Basically, they generate solar power in the same way that grid-tied systems do, except they are able to store energy in solar batteries for later use. Considering they use batteries as back-up, they are able to operate through those long Eskom blackouts. Depending on the size of the battery bank.



Hybrid Solar System Advantages

There are many advantages to running a hybrid system over a grid-tied or off-grid system. With a hybrid setup, the solar battery is used as a backup in the event the grid goes down.

Hybrids are available for Grid-Tied  and Off-Grid systems. That is , you get an “Grid-Tied hybrid” as well as an “Off-Grid hybrid” inverter.

  • Store excess solar
  • Backup power capability
  • Reduces grid power consumption
  • Advanced energy management
  • Reduces reliance on Eskom

What Are Hybrid Solar Systems?

Solar Basics: Hybrid inverters can future-proof solar+storage installations

Choosing a Solar Inverter

3 Factors to Consider When Choosing a Solar Inverter

Hybrid Solar System Installers West Coast

Our hybrid solar systems installers cover a wide area across the West Coast of Cape Town. We can help you build a hybrid system that suits your needs and your budget. We build affordable, cost-effective residential and commercial systems.


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