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Involved in manufacturing both single and three-phased inverters, GoodWe has installed over 16 GW in total in more than 80 countries with huge success.

They have been used in residential and commercial rooftops, industrial and utility-scale systems and range from 0.7kW to 250kW. Their offices are currently located in 15 countries and they have over 1200 employees working in their respective offices to serve the customers worldwide.



Are Goodwe Inverters Any Good?


Yes. Goodwe provides quality inverters but they are quite pricey in South Africa. We recommend Goodwe when quality is important. They consistently perform well in independent testing.

They offer a Hybrid inverter making them a great choice if you are considering adding battery storage to your system. Adding a battery allows you to use the solar energy gathered during the day throughout the evening and in the morning.

GoodWe Inverter Efficiency


An important aspect of getting the most value out of a solar inverter is choosing an appropriately sized inverter to optimize the solar panel system’s efficiency.

Residential inverter efficiency standards are generally 95 to 98 percent, and GoodWe inverters meet these standards. The least efficient GoodWe inverter is the NS Series 1kW which still records a 96.5% max efficiency. Asides from this one inverter all GoodWe inverters have at least 97% max efficiency.

A number of GoodWe models have over a 98% max efficiency, one of these models is the SDT Series 10kW. This Three-Phase Dual-MPTT string inverter has a 98.3% max efficiency, making it one of the industry’s more efficient inverters.


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Goodwe Inverters In The Following Areas:


LangebaanVredenburg – Saldanha – Hopefield – St Helena Bay – Velddrif – Jacobs Bay – Moorreesburg – Yzerfontein – Cape Town

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  • 3.6kVa Goodwe ES Hybrid Inverter 48V

  • 4.6kW Goodwe ES Hybrid Inverter 48V

  • 10kW GoodWe 3 Phase Hybrid Inverter

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