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Growatt Inverters in Cape Town


Growatt inverters are manufactured by New Energy Technology Co. Ltd (simply known as Growatt). They are a Chinese solar inverter manufacturing company established in 2010.

The company specializes in the production of monitoring systems, EV charging pile BUs, micro-grid BUs, storage systems, string inverters, and central inverters with a power ranging from 1kW to 1.26MW and with an annual production capacity of almost 3.6GW.



Key Features of Growatt Inverters


Growatt inverters come equipped with several key features that set them apart in the market. These features enhance their performance, reliability, and user experience, making them a preferred choice for solar energy systems. Here are some of the standout features of Growatt inverters:


1. MPPT Tracking


Growatt inverters utilize Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT) technology, which allows them to optimize the power output from solar panels. This intelligent tracking system adjusts the inverter’s operating parameters to ensure it operates at the maximum power point, maximizing energy production. MPPT tracking enables Growatt inverters in South Africa to perform efficiently and extract the most power from your solar panels.


2. Grid-Tied Functionality


Growatt inverters seamlessly integrate with the electrical grid, enabling users to export excess energy to the grid or draw electricity when solar generation is insufficient. This grid-tied functionality ensures a reliable and stable power supply, eliminating the need for additional backup systems. By connecting to the grid, users can take advantage of net metering programs and reduce their electricity bills further.


3. Monitoring and Remote Control


With Growatt inverters in South Africa, monitoring and controlling your solar system is effortless. These inverters come with built-in monitoring capabilities, allowing users to track their system’s performance, energy production, and overall efficiency. Additionally, many Growatt inverters offer remote control functionality, enabling users to make adjustments or troubleshoot issues conveniently through a mobile app or web portal.


4. Safety and Protection Features


Growatt prioritizes safety and protection in its inverter designs. These inverters incorporate various safety features, such as surge protection, anti-islanding protection, and temperature monitoring. These built-in safeguards protect the system, the users, and the connected electrical devices, ensuring a safe and reliable solar energy experience.


Are Growatt Inverters Any Good?


Yes. Growatt provides quality inverters with remote monitoring at an affordable price. We recommend Growatt when both quality and price are important. If you are looking for an affordable solar system with remote monitoring then you will be looking at Growatt.

They make a great choice if you are considering adding battery storage to your system. Growatt battery backup storage systems are becoming increasingly popular as they allow you to use the solar energy gathered during the day throughout the evening and night.

Growatt inverters are extensively used worldwide for applications in:


  • Residential
  • Residential Storage Inverters
  • Commercial
  • Large scale commercial
  • Utility centers
  • Off-Grid Storage Inverters
  • Monitoring
  • Accessories: Charging and Storage Controllers and Growatt Weather Station

Types of Growatt Inverters


Growatt offers a range of inverters to accommodate various solar energy system requirements. Each type of inverter is designed to optimize performance and provide reliable power conversion. Here are the main types of Growatt inverters:


1. String Inverters


String inverters, also known as central inverters, are the most common type of inverters used in solar installations. Growatt offers a wide selection of string inverters that are suitable for residential, commercial, and utility-scale projects. These inverters are connected to multiple solar panels, which are wired together in series (string configuration). The string inverter converts the DC power generated by the solar panels into AC power for use in the electrical system.


2. Hybrid Inverters


Hybrid inverters, also known as multi-mode inverters, are designed to work with both solar panels and energy storage systems, such as batteries. Growatt hybrid inverters allow users to maximize the utilization of solar power and store excess energy for later use. These inverters seamlessly switch between grid-tied mode, off-grid mode, and hybrid mode, depending on the availability of solar power and the energy storage status. Hybrid inverters offer flexibility and independence, allowing users to achieve self-sufficiency and resilience in their energy supply.


3. Microinverters


Microinverters are a newer technology that has gained popularity in recent years. Unlike string inverters, microinverters are installed on each individual solar panel, converting the DC power to AC power at the panel level. Growatt offers microinverters that provide benefits such as panel-level maximum power point tracking (MPPT), increased system efficiency, and enhanced system monitoring capabilities. Microinverters are ideal for installations with complex roof configurations or shading issues, as they optimize the performance of each panel independently.


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