solar geyser cape town
solar geysers cape town

Solar Geysers Cape Town


Once you invest in a solar geyser, you’ll start to get that money back in the form of free energy. The typical home will see an average of at least a 50% reduction in water-heating electricity use. If you live somewhere that gets a lot of sun, you could see as much as a 90% decrease in your water-heating bill.

Solar Geysers heat up your water directly from the sun’s rays and is much more efficient than converting sunlight into energy that is then used to warm up your home’s water. Why take two steps to heat up your water when you can do it in one step?

And then there’s the reduction in pollution. A 50 percent reduction in traditional energy use, means a 50 percent reduction in CO2 emissions. So installing a solar geyser cape town would reduce your hot-water carbon footprint by half. At the same time, you’re conserving nonrenewable fuels for applications for which there are currently no easily available renewable energy sources.



Solar Water Heating


A solar water heater is a solar-powered device that utilizes the energy from the sun to heat water. Ideally, it consists of a system installed on the rooftop that collects the incident sunlight which is then used to heat water stored in an insulated tank. This system isn’t connected to a power supply and hence doesn’t have an on-off switch. The sunlight it collects throughout the day is used for heating the water tank. Then, this water can be used for any application as desired.

Types of Solar Geysers South Africa

Split Pumped System: the placing of the solar geyser cape town at a lower level and away from the solar absorbers, such as in the ceiling or at floor level, whereby a pump is used to circulate the water between the geyser and the absorbers.

Close Coupled Thermosyphon System: the placing of the solar tanks outside on the roof and above the solar absorbers and the entire system is joined. The natural laws of physics apply whereby the hot water rises and automatically circulates between the solar geyser cape town and absorber.

solar geyser prices cape town
solar geysers cape town

Indirect System VS Direct System


Direct systems: these types of solar geysers cape town are best for frost-free areas, allowing for the water to be heated directly. The collected heat is then transferred directly to the household water supply. This eliminates the need for a heat exchanger and the use of heat transfer fluid.



Indirect systems: these types of solar geysers cape town are best suited for homes that are situated in areas that experience frost. Indirect solar water heating systems circulate a fluid, typically a mixture of water and glycol, in a circuit between the rooftop thermal collector and a heat exchanger that actually warms the water. Indirect systems circulate collected heat to a storage tank in a lower area, off the roof. In the winter, this is a much lower threat of heat loss than an outdoor storage option.



Solar Geyser Installation Cape Town


Solar West Coast solar geyser installers cover a wide area across the West Coast of Cape Town. We can help you build a system that suits your needs and your budget. We build affordable, cost-effective residential and commercial systems.


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Solar Geyser Installation In The Following Areas:


Langebaan – Vredenburg – Saldanha – Hopefield – St Helena Bay – Velddrif – Jacobs Bay – Moorreesburg – Yzerfontein – Cape Town

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