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Gel batteries are a valve-regulated lead-acid battery. They use the VRLA system but have a gel electrolyte which is created using a special gelling agent to create a thick immobilised electrolyte. The gel batteries have been known to perform very well under high discharge rates and generally last longer than AGM batteries, however, they are typically more expensive.


Valve Regulated Lead-Acid


Sealed VRLA or valve-regulated lead-acid batteries (AGM and Gel) work in the same way as a flooded battery but are sealed in a leak-proof enclosure with the electrolyte in a non-liquid form.

VRLA Gel batteries use a gas recombination system which combines the gases created during the charging/ discharging process back into the battery. This prevents almost all losses (close to 99%) of electrolyte through gassing.

Gel batteries are thus non-serviceable or maintenance-free as they are sealed and there is no chance of acid spillage. This means they are also much safer, easier to handle and transport than flooded batteries.

Types of Lead-Acid Batteries


While many different kinds of batteries are used in solar electricity storage, lead-acid batteries are most common. Competitors such as nickel-cadmium and nickel-iron can be expensive, inefficient or hard to dispose of. The three main lead-acid batteries are:

  • Flooded (FLA) → unsealed with liquid electrolyte
  • Absorbed Glass Matt (VRLA) → sealed with electrolyte held captive by glass mat
  • Gelled (VRLA) → sealed with gel electrolyte


Gel Battery Price Cape Town


Gel batteries are very expensive and this is due to different reasons. The batteries are very strong and they are mostly shock and vibration proof. This makes them ideal for marine and aircraft use because they do not turn off due to the turbulent movement that can be witnessed on the sea or air.

In addition, the batteries require little or no maintenance and this is because they are filled with gel and not water. Although refilling is not something that will be done frequently, you must note that whenever refill is needed, professionals are required to have it done.


Benefits, Drawbacks And Requirements


Each type has its own benefits, drawbacks and requirements. Some batteries are well suited for individuals who enjoy monitoring and maintaining their system while others are designed for those who have an ‘out of sight, out of mind’ attitude. Regardless of the relationship you want to pursue with your solar electricity system, there is a battery for you.


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