2.4kWh Shoto SDA10-4850 Lithium Ion Battery


The 2.4kWh Shoto SDA10-4850 Lithium-Ion Battery is purpose-built for maximum energy storage and stability. With its core function namely for the telecommunication industry, the Shoto battery is highly robust and long-lasting.

The 2.4kWh Shoto SDA10-4850 Lithium-Ion Battery technology of Shoto allows for heat temperatures to reach between 50 – 55 degrees and with internal cooling and BMS it is perfectly stable and balanced.

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The 2.4kWh Shoto SDA10-4850 Lithium-Ion Battery is an ideal replacement for lead-acid (Sealed, Flooded, and AGM batteries) and is suitable for most inverters where you can set custom battery parameters.

The 2.4kWh Shoto SDA10-4850 Lithium-Ion solar battery has a built-in BMS, and can easily be set up in the same way you would set up lead-acid batteries with no communication between batteries and the inverter needed and no communication between batteries set up in parallel.

  • 10 year / 6000 cycle warranty
  • Guaranteed 6000 cycles @ 80% DOD
  • Guaranteed 3000 cycles @ 100% DOD
  • Built to stack up to 16 batteries in parallel
  • Built for high temperatures up to 50 degrees
  • Works with most inverters
  • 15 cell configuration allowing perfect lead-acid battery replacement
  • Very long battery life
  • Perfectly stable and balanced


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